“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Winston Churchill


Alcott Law Group serves as a voice for nonprofit organizations, religious organizations, and closely held businesses throughout the United States and Internationally. Our mission is to offer innovative legal solutions to our clients, enabling them to improve the world through programs that benefit society. The firm’s tag line “counsel for your cause” underscores our vision for the partnerships we have with our clients, guiding them in the fulfillment of their goals and objectives.

Alcott Law Group represents charities, foundations, and churches on all legal matters, including real estate transactions, corporate governance, contract drafting and review, and state and federal court litigation. We also advise startup corporations and limited liability companies regarding entity formation, organizational structure, and raising capital, as well as provide counsel with respect to business operations and commercial transactions. Our attorneys are licensed to practice in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Daniel R. Alcott, Esq.
Chair, Not-for-Profit Dept.
Dorf & Nelson LLP
555 Theodore Fremd Avenue
Rye, NY 10580
(914) 381-7600 x102
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News & Insights

Legal Considerations for Churches: Uses of Real Estate

June 6, 2018

Many churches in the greater New York area are situated on land that is very valuable. However, those same churches may be struggling to pay their bills or renovate aging church structures. We are seeing with greater frequency that churches in our area have growing congregations that require expanded facilities in order to accommodate this growth.

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How do I Incorporate a Church?

June 6, 2018

Religious Corporations Law Section 2 defines a religious corporation as a corporation created for religious purposes to enable its members to meet for divine worship or other religious observances. Corporations formed for the purpose of operating a church or other religious denominations are filed pursuant to the Religious Corporations Law.

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What are Jeopardizing Investments?

June 6, 2018

Jeopardizing investments are investments which fail to comply with the standard of conduct in managing and investing charitable assets as set out in the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (“UPMIFA”).

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Alcott Law Group is a full service law firm that specializes in providing a broad range of legal services to individuals, corporations, limited liability companies, and nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations incorporated primarily in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Delaware. We advise public charities, private foundations, trade associations, US based “friends of” organizations, museums, social clubs, religious organizations/churches, corporate sponsors, and professional fundraisers on matters that affect the nonprofit community.

We are typically engaged as outside “General Counsel” for our clients, handling a variety of legal issues including but not limited to litigation, contracts, intellectual property, corporate governance, any type of business transaction, and real estate. In connection with these services, the Firm leverages its professional relationships with trusted attorneys who serve as “Of Counsel” to Alcott Law Group on certain matters.


• Formation

• Bylaws

• Governance

• Obtaining 501(c)(3) tax exempt status

• Compliance with the Internal Revenue Code and applicable state regulations

• Commercial agreements

• Mergers, acquisitions and dissolutions

• Purchase and sale of real estate

• Affordable housing

• Alternative dispute resolution

• Advocacy and negotiation with state and federal regulators

• Regulatory approvals

• Cause-related marketing

• Fundraising

• International grant making

• Sponsorships

• Lobbying and licensing



• Formation

• Bylaws

• LLC Operating agreements / Shareholder’s agreements

• Formation of Benefit Corporations and Social Enterprises

• “B Corp” Status

• Commercial agreements

• Intellectual property agreements

• Fundraising/Private Placements

• Mergers, acquisitions, and dissolutions

• Vendor agreements

• Services agreements

• Branding

• Human resource management

• Risk Management



• Formation

• Bylaws

• Governance

• Obtaining 501(c)(3) tax exempt status

• Mergers, acquisitions, and dissolutions

• Purchase and sale of real estate

• Refinancing

• Regulatory approvals

• Commercial agreements

• Fundraising



• Contract negotiation and drafting

• Title review

• Due diligence



• Clearance

• License agreements

• Enforcement of rights

• Valuation

• Portfolio maintenance



• State and Federal Court

• Civil disputes

• Commercial disputes

• Ex parte declaratory relief

• Alternative dispute resolution

• Mediation and arbitration



The firm endeavors to serve clients effectively and efficiently while staying mindful of the costs of such representation. In that regard, we find that our clients prefer, and benefit from, “value pricing” over traditional attorney hourly billing arrangements. Value pricing takes into consideration the value of the services to the client and not the amount of
time spent by our attorneys and paralegals to complete a task.

The fees are typically capped, as opposed to traditional hourly billing which charges for every minute of time spent in connection with the representation. These arrangements enable our clients to adequately budget for legal fees and costs with certainty regarding their obligations for legal representation. We do provide hourly services at reasonable billing rates if the circumstances dictate that hourly billing on a particular matter is in the client’s best interest.



  • “Alcott Law Group has been instrumental in helping our nonprofit media organization create a strong corporate structure and intellectual property protection. The firm has been with us from our early stages, helping us file for 501(c)(3) status and later as we launched a new brand: “Reconsider.”

    Stephen Apkon, CEO of Reconsider Media
  • “As a small nonprofit, cost was a major driver for us when deciding to work with a law firm. Alcott Law Group’s value pricing structure was just what we were looking for. It has been so wonderful to be associated with the firm and we look forward to growing with them as our general counsel.”

    Pearl Thomas & Fabienne Heymans, Founders of Hashimoto’s Awareness
  • “Alcott Law Group’s customer service is second to none. The close, warm atmosphere makes me feel comfortable asking questions. I’m constantly updated regarding the work they are doing for me, making me feel at ease.”

    Women’s Foundation
  • “Daniel Alcott’s expertise in his field makes him a reliable source for referrals. I feel confident when I refer him to my own clients and colleagues that the job will be done expertly. The firm is always willing to take on new projects and isn’t phased by challenging matters.”

    Hilda H. Polanco, Founder & CEO of Fiscal Management Associates
  • “Our organization is going through a transition and Alcott Law Group has provided us with highly effective advice to help bring us to the next phase. The team is very quick to respond and answer questions. Their approachability has made this shift possible.”

    Shirley Lustig, Director of Save Our Strays, Inc.
  • “As a newly emerging social enterprise, there are not many law firms that we can turn to that would understand our needs. At Alcott Law Group, they not only understood what we are trying to do, they improved our process, enabling investment and growth.”

    Prentiss Alter, Managing Member of Divya’s Kitchen LLC
  • “Exploring the Arts, which supports arts education in public high schools, has been working with Daniel Alcott for many years. His responsiveness and competence when working with us has been phenomenal. We were thrilled when he launched Alcott Law Group and our relationship with the firm continues to expand. The firm’s leverage in the niche area of nonprofit law has helped us to grow from a start up to a substantial organization.”

    Cheri Walsh, Executive Director of Exploring the Arts, Inc.
  • “Alcott Law Group has a strong understanding in the area of affordable housing, making them the optimal choice as our general counsel. This innovative firm has enabled us to expand our operations through their broad experience and widespread contacts in the field.”

    Manny Martinez, Executive Director of Alliance for Progress
  • “Alcott Law Group has provided us with excellent service and counsel as we started up our charity. As a small organization, we were looking for a cost effective firm where our needs would not be overlooked. Alcott Law Group’s value pricing structure has enabled us to receive all of the services we need at an affordable rate.”

    Marylou Tortorella, Founder and President of 13 Hands Equine Rescue, Inc.
  • “As a Swedish organization, we were looking for an innovative law firm in the United States who could advise on sophisticated cross border fundraising programs. The resources that Alcott Law Group has provided, have enabled us to advance our programs and our social mission.”


Westchester Office: 555 Theodore Fremd Avenue Rye, NY 10580     (914) 381-7600 x102 
New York Office: 260 Madison Avenue 17th Floor New York, NY 10016    (212) 658-0177

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